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Brick and Stone Restoration and Consulting.

Areas of Practice



Throughout our company history we have dealt with projects of all scope, size, and age. Whether you have a crumbling chimney, wall with missing brick, or need an addition on your home to match existing older brickwork, our company can provide the service you need! We have completed restoration projects on anything you can imagine from a fireplace repair to the complete restoration of a historic tunnel. We keep a large stockpile of period materials from structures all over Kentucky and can match whatever brick you have on your project. Our masons can match your existing mortar color closer than any competing company and our work is guaranteed to last!

tuckpointing / mortar repair

If you are experiencing sections of your brickwork or stonework where mortar is failing, let us take a look and see what we can do for you. Every project will require an individual solution based on the amount of deterioration and potential cost, so we like to look at these on a case-by-case basis. Many factors will play into your decision, but we provide honest estimates and accurate bidding.


We have done stone masonry projects that span from entire homes to just a living room hearth. If you have an old stone wall that needs to be rebuilt or tuckpointed, or you are ready to finally build that big stone hearth in your living room, we can provide a masonry solution for you.

limestone surface treatments

This is one of our fastest-growing requests! We keep a large stockpile of Indiana Limestone Pavers which can be used on a variety of horizontal surfaces. Our most common request is to cover large porches/patios but we have also completed breezeways, sidewalks, and stairs. We cut the limestone to custom sizes, so your project will have a beautiful, unique look! The possibilities are endless and we tailor these pavers to fit your needs and style.

architectural / structural consulting

We have provided architectural and structural consultation services to firms who are working on older projects and need advise. We are happy to provide consultation services, and look forward to working with architects and engineers to provide design solutions to projects with brick and stone restoration requirements.